4 Questions Customers Commonly Ask About Freight Forwarding

Selecting appropriate freight forwarding services to ship your goods plays a pivotal role in delivering the goods in time in a proper condition. If the services offered by the freight forwarder are of optimum quality, then this can easily streamline your imports and exports.

If you happen to own a business or company and are actively involved in international deliveries or purchases, then the need to tie up with a good freight forwarding company becomes extremely important since this may be a deciding factor for your company’s success and failure.

Before you finalize the services, here are 4 questions that the leading amazon FBA customs broker Clearit USA suggests you should ask about freight forwarding.

Are My Goods Insured?

If you are about to send your consignments across the nation, there is a minute possibility that your goods might get damaged when they reach the designated destination. Hence, it is mandatory to have the right insurance cover. Before finalizing the services, scrutinize what are all covered in the insurance covered by the company. Check if it is included in the primary services or it can be taken up as an add-on service. Most of the freight forwarders give freight insurance as an add-on service so that customers have the flexibility to choose the insurance.

Does the Company Have Necessary Accreditations?

In order to check the authenticity and quality of any freight forwarder company, you need to check with them what accreditations they currently hold. Although these accreditations aren’t much important to become a freight forwarder, they do indicate how seriously these companies are concerned about upscaling their business the legit way. While all these accreditations aren’t essential to become a freight forwarder, they’re a sure sign.

Is the Company Experienced Enough?

Although everyone can set up freight forwarder business if they are willing to since it doesn’t require any special qualification, any company with a considerable amount of experience can manage the transport and delivery efficiently without any issues. The companies that are experienced in managing the services are aware of the problems and the issues that they face with delivery and shipments.

What Shipping Load Services Do They Offer?

There are effectively 3 types of load services that are offered by freight company namely FCL aka Full Container Load, RORO aka Roll-on, Roll-off and LCL aka Less than Container Load. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose the shipment services. For example, if you have to transport wheeled shipments, then opting for RORO load service is considered to be the best choice. Before shipping the consignment, you can check with the company if they can ship by airways or road so that you can derive the optimal solution out of the services offered by the company in the least possible time.

As a customer, you are entitled to know about these things before confirming their services. All the trustworthy freight forwarder companies will try to answer all the queries you have in an appropriate manner to ensure safe and fast delivery. Do not fidget to ask them these questions before booking the services.

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