8 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Time to Get Divorced

There are tons of reasons why even the happiest couples decide to divorce, but could you know that it’s the right time for you and your husband to say goodbye to each other? No matter how angry both of you might be at each other, it’s important to make the whole divorce process as friendly as possible – especially if you have children. Choosing the right time for a split-up is the key to a stress-free and less painful divorce. Here are 8 things to keep in mind when deciding of the right time to get divorced.

  1. Pregnancy

That’s a deadlock during the divorce process. Some women or even men hide this fact in order to separate, but is it a really good time for such a life-changing decision? The thing is, a lot of couples, who expect a baby and get divorced at the same time, get married again after a baby arrives. Not only did they waste money and time, but also negatively affected the fetus growth, which could lead to more serious consequences later in a baby’s life.

If you’re expecting a baby, discuss it with your partner and consider delaying the divorce process till the delivery. You don’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship because of a baby, but still, it’s best to postpone your marriage dissolution right now.

  1. Health issues

If any of partners suffers from a certain disease or condition, it might not be the right time to get divorced – even if it seems you hate each other. Health is a priority and no other life event should worsen it. Even if your divorce is friendly, it can still be stressful and your spouse may still need some help. Wait until your partner gets well and fully recover so that you could discuss all the details and hire lawyers.

  1. Threatened divorce

Oftentimes, divorce happens out of frustration and anger or when you want to gain control over your spouse and to make them do things your way. When they don’t agree, you can’t betray your ego and start a divorce process. If your partner is the one who is threatening, let them tame their anger and have a frank talk. A divorce is a great way to start a new chapter of life and get of negativity. If this is what both of you truly want, then call your lawyers today.

  1. The holidays

When there are the problems in your family, you’re already sure that the holidays are going to be stressful. Now add in divorce and your entire holiday season will be ruined. Not to mention how your kids will be disappointed. Why wait? Most divorce lawyers claim that they have a huge rise in clients before and after the holidays and sometimes even during the holiday season.

Psychologists recommend their clients to divorce before the holidays as it helps to get used to being single in an empty home long before your guests arrive. There are a few reasons, though, why it’s better to delay divorce until after holidays that you can read in this blog.

  1. Debts

If you and your spouse have a mutual debt, it might not be the right time to get divorced. The divorce process is money-draining and the two of you may end up running in bigger debt. Create a plan on how you and your spouse can pay off that debt fast so that you could separate. If you have a toxic relationship, it may be better to live either separately or in the same house but in different rooms without disturbing each other’s lives. If you have children, it’s recommended to pretend you’re a family while paying off debts. However, be sure you start preparing them for your divorce early.

  1. Seeing a therapist

During the divorce process, there are two reasons to visit a therapist. The first reason is when you and your spouse want to save your broken marriage, but have no idea where to start and how to communicate peacefully. The second reason to visit a therapist is to get through all those negative emotions triggered by a divorce easier. If you have kids, you can ask a therapist how to prepare your little ones for a divorce with little to no stress at all – depending on the kids’ ages.

  1. Being mentally prepared

Even if you still have some loving feelings to each other, it might become unbearably hard to live together. Each of you might start a new life and have a new hobby. Or, on the contrary, either you or your partner might have difficulty letting go and divorce is like a punishment to them. Empty marriages are energy-wasting and divorce can handle this problem. However, if you or your spouse isn’t mentally prepared for the divorce process, it’s essential to delay it for a while.

  1. Abuse

Living with an abuser – be they a physical or mental abuser – is bad for your health. If you and your children experience aggressive behavior from a toxic spouse, a quick divorce process will help you to finally enjoy peace, freedom, and happy kids. The most challenging divorces always happen in unhealthy relationships, but there’s a solution to them – simply leave your toxic relationship and stop the rate of domestic violence – be it physical or mental.

There’s no right time for divorce as it’s sad to ruin the once happy relationship. It’s not the end of the world, though. A divorce is a wonderful opportunity to reinvent yourself, boost your skills and master new ones, find new friends, or just enjoy the freedom. If you didn’t talk with your spouse about your divorce or you decided to split up without all the hustle, give yourself enough time to think over your decision. Don’t decide to divorce after a fight or a disagreement. You might still love each other and divorce can destroy your love for good.

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