With the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use by the Federal Government in Canada, has given rise to the concern about safe roads as impaired driving can lead to serious accidents. In case of such an accident, it is important to get in touch with a serious injury law firm , as they will help you fight for your right and a compensation. Canadian Cannabis Survey was carried out by the Health Canada to understand the attitudes of Cannabis consumers and foresee the effects that legalization would have on road safety.

Canadian Cannabis Survey Report:

When the survey was carried out, it was found out that 39% of the people who had consumed cannabis in the last twelve months, drove within two hours after consuming. The report of the survey also stated that men were more likely to do so than women. Out of the people who drove after consuming cannabis, 49% of them did so 1 out of 10 times they drove and around 29% drove more than 10 times after consuming, in the last one year.

It is a well-known fact that consuming cannabis severely hampers judgments, reaction-time and coordination. The Survey bought to light that the attitudes of the cannabis consumers. Some of the people who continued to drive after consuming cannabis were aware of the impairments that the substances causes, continued to ignore the risk and put not only their lives but also the lives of the people on the road in danger.

Increased worry amongst the people

With the Canadian Cannabis Survey report coming out with alarming numbers, it has increased the concerns of the citizens, that the legalization of cannabis would increase the number of accidents drastically. The Survey was carried out with the intention of helping out lawyers to study and understand the effects that cannabis legalization can have on driving, so that more stringent laws can be created.

What can be done?

One of the ways to handle the situation is to work towards changing the attitude of cannabis users towards driving after consumption by spreading awareness and carrying out awareness programs. The government should help fund these campaigns so it can have a wider reach. Second way is the legal way. With more stringent criminal laws regarding driving under influence have come up. The government should take the matter in its hands and make sure that these laws are enforced to their fullest, so that it brings no harm to any life or property.

In case, you have been in an accident with a person who has driven under influence of cannabis then it is crucial that you seek legal help.

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