Best Options for the Effective Child Custody

Winning custody is one of the most difficult issues parents face during a divorce. In many cases, both parents will be in custody and willing to spend as much as they need to earn. Custody would represent what is best for the child and this implies that you demonstrate that you are a better parent compared to your partner, and that the other would not be able to raise the child alone.

The tips we recommend for gaining custody are the following:

If you are not involved in your child’s life at present, you will not receive custody from a judge. If you are a parent who works and leave all the child-raising details based on your partner, then you are not ready to earn this custody. You either need to change your goals and priorities, or give up the privilege of raising your own child. You need to know how to file for child custody.

Make sure that when the child is with you, the child is not exposed to dangerous or unhealthy situations or environments. Are you involved in a relationship? Or were there several? Take great care to expose your child to these people. Many judges and parents consider that children are subjective to these changes and that the appearance of a new partner in the life of one parent may come as a shock. The most important thing in your goal to earn child custody is to really want to spend more time with it, raise it and educate it. Spending time with a potential new partner when you’re in the process of winning custody may be the recipe for losing the process.

Do not in any way attack the other parent in front of the child

If you do, stop it! A safe way to lose custody is to affect the child’s relationship with the other parent. During the trial, the judge will consider whether you promote or prevent the child’s relationship with the other parent.

To gain custody requires a calendar of everything that has happened. You can write down all of these events in your own diary.

Be punctual … be punctual … be punctual! Some problems arise when a parent is constantly delayed when it comes to taking or taking the child out of school or other places where he or she has activities. Typically, this kind of delay upsets the judge, creates quarrels between the two parents and stresses the child. So, be punctual.

Be malleable

If the other parent wants to exchange weekends or days of the week, accept if the program allows you. When it comes time to tell the judge why you should have custody of the child you can say that you are the one who ensures that the program in which the child should spend time with the other child, works. At the end of the case, this argument will make a difference.

Do not involve your child in matters related to the lawsuit or lawyers. The Court of Justice generally opposes that children should know or be involved in the details of what would be just an adult problem. The child should only know that both parents love him and want to spend time with him, both. The child may talk to a psychologist or lawyer only if the tribunal so requests. The child will talk to these people about where you are. It is best if you did not give the child details, especially if these details involve denigrating the other parent.

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