Can You Get Prostate Cancer From Asbestos?

Asbestos, most often associated with lung cancer and mesothelioma, is a mineral that was used by many industries, from mining to construction. However, this harmful agent can have other effects on your body, and the exposure to asbestos has been linked to cases of prostate cancer. Though these studies don’t have conclusive data, correlative data shows a connection between asbestos and prostate cancer.

The residual effects of asbestos exposure can be deadly and costly in terms of medical bills. If you believe you’ve been affected by this carcinogen, you have a number of resources. And if you don’t know if you’ve ever even come into contact with asbestos, there’s information that details what the mineral is, looks like and how it affects the human body.

What is asbestos?

A public health menace, asbestos was once deemed a “magic mineral” because its fibrous and fluffy consistency allowed for easy use. Asbestos, specifically, refers to a family of fibrous minerals that are heat-resistant. It was once a popular staple in construction, often used to insulate homes. This family of minerals are silicates, or salt that’s an ion and contains both silicon and oxygen. But that scientific stuff isn’t quite important to you. What matters is that when inhaled into the body, asbestos likes to linger and cause detriment to your health. This can mean short- or long-term illness depending on the amount of exposure you experienced.

How do you know if it has affected you?

The easiest way to see whether you’ve been harmed by the use of this mineral is determining where you may have come in contact with it. Were you a contractor who regularly installed asbestos-filled products? Or did you have it put into your home and have continued to breath it in for years?

You can also look up information on the different illnesses that can be caused from exposure to asbestos. A simple Google search of facts about prostate cancer will aid you in narrowing down whether or not asbestos has affected your health. If your symptoms align with what is written online, immediately seek out a health care professional for a diagnosis.

What can I do if I’ve been exposed?

The most important thing you’ll want to do is take care of the situation. You’ll want to either go to a hospital or doctor’s office and let them know of your suspicions and symptoms. Have tests run that can prove your illness and asbestos’ role in causing it. Also, save any receipts or paperwork from the procedures. Insurance often won’t cover everything, and you can be reimbursed through a lawsuit.

A lawsuit, ultimately, will be your final step to recovery from handling this situation and your health. You’ll need skilled attorneys who have taken companies to court over malpractice to successfully win your case. But, the lawsuit will be worth it, because you’ll likely be compensated for everything you’ve gone through. It won’t give you back the time you spent on improving your health after it was damaged by this mineral, but it’ll make adjusting back to life easier.

Yes, asbestos has been linked to prostate cancer, and even to other deadly diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. However, you don’t have to let it ruin your life. Plenty of information is out there on the internet and in the minds of skilled lawmen who’ll help you get back to a sense of normalcy. So, if you feel that your prostate cancer could have been fostered by your exposure to asbestos, reach out for assistance today. Don’t let it claim any more of your time; reclaim your life.

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