Common Social Security Disability Impairments

When a person undergoes an illness, accident or circumstance from which a permanent disability can be derived, the most natural step is to apply for a disability pension.

However, there is the possibility of opting for a range of economic and social protection grants aimed at these people with the aim of making life easier despite their disability, which is sometimes wasted by pure ignorance.

Let’s see below the social and fiscal benefits to which pensioners with a recognized permanent disability can choose. There are a large number of Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer

Benefits of a personal nature

Probably, the primary and first benefit or benefit of permanent disability that we must mention is undoubtedly the fact that after recognition, you can continue working in other jobs that are compatible with your health condition, disease or condition. 

Either in the same company in which you performed your profession before the recognition of the disability or in any other work center, both as an employee or as a self-employed person, thus having the possibility of having an alternative source of income that will complement the amount of your pension. 

Economic protection and aid

Depending on the degree of disability and the number of disabled persons in your family unit, it is possible to request different types of financial protection aids. If We Can Considered Best Social Security Disability Lawyer in Michigan.

The assistance depends above all on the limitation you have in your daily life, some examples would be:

  • Aid for the purchase and rental of housing
  • Tax benefits: IRPF and Income
  • Aid for large families
  • Annual support for members with disabilities in the family unit
  • Extraordinary unemployment benefit (RAI)
  • Support for self-employed
  • Aids in vehicle registration
  • VAT reduced (4%) for vehicle purchases
  • Social benefits, tax, and aid

When we talk about the social benefits and benefits for people with a  Permanent Disability, you should know that based on current legislation, a person with a disability is considered to be a person who has a recognized degree of permanent disability regardless of their degree. 

Consideration of those disabled people who have been recognized them a degree of disability equal or superior to 33 percent.

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