Find out consequences of Driving without insurance in Ottawa with Howard Yegendorf and Associates

For all the people in Ottawa or the whole of Canada, whether a person is driver or owners or vehicle, it is compulsory to carry details of automobile insurance which is valid. You may face huge consequences if the policy is invalid. You may be thinking what to do if uninsured motorist injures you? Howard Yegendorf and Associates is ready for your help in such situations.

With the help of Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa, you can get better guidance and get the relevant compensation which is beneficial for you. You just have to concentrate on recovering from your injuries and the lawyer will take care of the rest.

It is believed that if you do not have valid insurance policies, you may face more risk as at times to pay the claims. Your property may be kept at stake. Apart from that, there is a fine of $5000 to $50000 which falls under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act of Ottawa. Even your license will get suspended for 1 year or so and the vehicle will be seized.

In case of an accident, you may have to pay a fine to the victim. For instance if the fine is $5000, you will also have to pay $1250 additional in form of a surcharge.

Various other consequences discussed by Howard Yegendorf and Associates

If you have ignored to take car insurance, there can be many problems. Say for example you have met with a car accident. In such a case uninsured drivers, as well as the occupants, may not get statutory accident benefits like income replacement benefits. Also, uninsured drivers if get injured in a motor vehicle accident then they do not have the right to sue another driver in regards to compensation.

As per the Ottawa Insurance Act, people who have sustained from the injury but are unable to work can get compensation benefits of up to $400 per week which can be extended to 2 years. Also, $200,000 is should be there with you in case of Third-Party Liability insurance.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fun provides compensation to cyclist or pedestrians or someone who does not have an insured vehicle with an amount up to $200,000.

You can prevent yourself from paying huge fines, if there is a reasonable formed policy. There are cases wherein fine can reach $25,000 dollars or more such as if it is the first offense. This can be reduced with a proper insurance policy which can be shared in the court.

As a driver, it is your duty to ensure the risk coverage of your vehicle and thus consult the licensed professionals for the same.

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