Fostering a Culture of Respect: Keeping the Workplace Safe

Numerous businesses and organisations around the world support a zero-tolerance policy in the workplace. This means a zero-tolerance approach with regard to discrimination, bullying and even sexual assault and violence. However, it has become increasingly difficult to uphold this rule in the industry, especially when there is still a strong sense of patriarchy everywhere you go.

As a matter of fact, the #MeToo movement is a progressive advocacy that aims to support survivors and end sexual violence in the workplace. Recently, it has made waves on various social media networks, particularly with the involvement of artists and celebrities who rallied to let other people hear the voices of the oppressed.

What Personal Injury Means

According to a study titled The Nature of Personal Injury, published by the Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales, ‘personal injury’ is considered any physical or psychological damaged caused by another party. This party can be an organisation or an individual to which will be held liable for the said injury.

The Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland (ADCQ) acknowledges that sexual harassment is a severe form of injury. In many cases, compensation is awarded to the victims. So, when an attack or violation of rights happens, it is imperative to file and claim just compensation with the help of Brisbane personal injury claims lawyers.

Why Sexual Harassment and Violence Should be Eliminated

According to Lisa Heap from ABC News, numerous Australian women are subjected to alarming levels of violence in the workplace. These include stalking, sexual assault, harassment, rape and other unwanted behaviours. Such spiteful acts result in physical and even psychosocial trauma, thereby affecting the overall outlook and lifestyle of the victims.

Because of this, creating a safe space for everyone should be prioritised by companies and organisations alike. This entails an acceptance that their current structure needs development and that business administrators respond in a proactive way.

If you have undergone this type of treatment in your workplace, or know someone who is experiencing this behaviour, working with compensation lawyers will do you a world of good. As experts in the field, they will stop at nothing to help you attain justice.

Steps to Stop Sexual Harassment

Whether employers are small, medium or large enterprises, they are enjoined to participate in ensuring their places are free from any form of violence. To do this, the Australian Human Rights Commission suggests companies comply with the following:

  • Create a culture of respect
  • Implement a sexual harassment policy
  • Provide training, education and seminars for all employees
  • Establish a procedure for filing internal complaints
  • Conduct thorough investigations and take appropriate actions

These steps, however small these may seem, can make a difference in the lives of those involved. It may even inculcate a sense of compassion and respect within the office. By partnering up with work Brisbane injury lawyers, you can slowly but surely create change in your own administrative centre. With their legal help and advice, you can finally contribute to a wider movement which supports feminism and equality in all sectors in society.

Author: Carrie Sze

News Reporter