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You are a careful and conscientious driver. You put your safety and that of your passengers and fellow drivers ahead of you when on the road. Unfortunately, not everyone has this attitude. There are those who will never understand that they cannot send text messages, talk on the phone, speak to passengers, and engage in other distracting behavior without increasing the risk of an accident. Now one of those people has caused the accident that you were recently in and your life has been turned upside down.

If you have been in an accident and it was not fault, you should build up a case and sue. Your first move should be to retain the services of personal injury lawyer. You will need the help of a lawyer to file your official complaint, and you will also need their help to develop a legal strategy. Of all fairfax lawyers, those that specialize in personal injury are the ones who will be able to help you most.

The first thing that must be established is whether or not you have a case. Your lawyer will sit down with you and go over the particulars of the accident and all that happened before it. You will also need to establish who exactly you will be suing. It may be the case that the insurance company of the person who hit you refuses to pay you the compensation you deserve. If that’s the case, then your lawyer can go after them.

A car accident is no minor thing. You will need to go to the hospital to get examined, even if you sustained only minor injuries. If the accident was more serious, then you may need to be hospitalized for an extended period. Either way, there will be medical bills. You may also have to take time off work to recover. Again, the more serious the injury, the more time you will need at home, which means loss of wages. Your injury may force you into a lower-paying job or you may be forced to cut back on the number of hours you work. This can all add up and put tremendous financial strain on you and your family. You should not have to deal with this all on your own. The person whose recklessness caused the accident should be forced to pay.

Personal injury lawyers have the experience and expertise to get you the justice you deserve. They will gather the relevant facts, introduce expert and eyewitness testimony, employ forensic evidence, and bring the right bits of law to bear on your case. Your lawyer will get to the bottom of what really happened leading up to the accident. They will pull together the evidence and argument you need to get a verdict that if favorable to you. In fact, the case may not even go to trial. The other side may see the overwhelming evidence against them and decide to settle. If that happens, then your lawyer will ensure that the settlement is commensurate with all that you have been through.

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