Getting Divorced? Here is What You Need To Know About Divorce Lawyers

The dissolving of a marriage is a complicated process that can cause an undue amount of anxiety, worry and tension.  It is not just an emotional issue; there are many administrative tasks to attend to when dividing assets between spouses.  This is where a divorce lawyer, also known as a family practice lawyer, comes in. A divorce lawyer specializes in civil law and guides spouses through the necessary steps to divorce, making it as easy and as amiable as possible.  They often have strong interpersonal skills, similar to a therapist, such as non-judgmental active listening that help in them in representing their client’s best interests.

What Should I Expect When I Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

Starting the process begins with a divorce consultation.  The divorce lawyer will ask many questions, will listen to the answers carefully, and will guide the client through the next steps to take from there.  Often, clients will begin filling out paperwork, which the lawyer will provide. A background check may also be done to make sure all of the details are accurate and factual once filed.

What Will My Divorce Lawyer Be Doing For Me?

Divorce lawyers are not just there to mediate emotional tensions with their dispute resolution skills, they also communicate with their clients to gather information to support the case.  They even consult with psychologists, social workers, accountants and other attorneys. This is so they can draft and file all necessary paperwork, such as case motions related to child custody and occupancy of the home.  They will also be drafting oppositions filed by the opposing attorney. The most important thing your divorce lawyer will discuss is getting results and keeping their strategy moving forward. This can include suggesting a no-fault divorce, simplifying the often long and arduous process.    

What Will Be Expected From Me?

There are also many scheduled deadlines and meetings divorce lawyers will keep track of, requiring clients to be in touch with them frequently.  Even divorces that are not complicated require lawyers to spend a significant amount of time in court. Most attorneys will schedule a deposition, also known as a court hearing, which is a formal questioning under oath for the court that clients are required to attend.  It is important to remember to be patient during the divorce process, as many things are out of the lawyer’s control, such as the court’s calendar and how long the divorce trial might take.

If you are thinking of hiring a divorce lawyer, make sure that you will be provided with good work.  A competent divorce attorney will communicate with you regularly, meet deadlines, change strategy if necessary, prepare properly for court, and keep your best interests in mind.  The courtroom is fast paced, and divorce law is a challenging business. But when done properly, it will give you peace of mind and ease your stress so that you can focus on moving forward in your life.  

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