Making Your Will North Wales

Making a will certainly isn’t easy. Yet it needs to be mentioned that death is something that will happen to all of us eventually – and that spending a short amount of your life ensuring that dependents, relatives, and friends are all accounted for is so very important when it comes to what will be after you are no longer here. There are a number of solicitors that offer wills in north wales, whom offer a personalised and obligation free service with a entirely and wholly free initial consultation.

Making a will isn’t just something the elderly have to do. The worst can happen at any point to anyone, and it’s truly important for anyone with dependents to make sure that they’re taken care of should the worst happen. In the case that indeed, the worst does – and you are to die before a will is made, you will die “intestate.” In this event, the state steps in and applies very certain and very strict rules that dictate how your assets will be distributed after your death. Your surviving relatives, unfortunately, will not have a choice.

Who is most at risk from unmade wills?

Unmarried partners and those not in a registered civil partnership spring to most people’s minds first. Marriage is as just as much about making sure that your spouse/partner is looked after should something happen to you as it is a grand gesture of love. At worst, a partner may lose your shared home if your wishes have not been shown clearly in a will. On the other end of the spectrum, separated partners / spouses who are not yet divorced could stand to gain everything should the worst happen. Deaths where wills are nonexistent are the main causes of familial dispute, an alarmingly common example of most modern-day courtroom battles.

What a lot of people fail to consider is that Partners or Spouses with children, and a modestly priced home are one of the groups in the biggest danger from an unmade will wreaking havoc. If your home is worth more than £250,000 and you have children, the Intestacy Rules can dictate that the family home needs to be sold. Unfortunately, with intestacy rules, they’re absolutely rigid. Any contestant has to be heard by a judge, and as with most matters referred to court, that’s expensive. An unmade will can result in a lot of additional pain and hardship happening to people already in pain from your death.

As time moves on and the traditional familial model is no longer so traditional with lots of cases of parental responsibility being assumed by grandparents, we’ve found cases of grandchildren suffering from the Intetency Rules which have yet to be amended to reflect this. Technically exempt from anything under the current Intestacy guidelines, grandchildren dependents can often come up very shorthanded when wills are not made.

Our experience is that everyone is different — every familial situation is different. Every individual is different. The only constant is that when you fail to make a will, you give up your right to decide what happens to your property, your money, and your possessions. It falls to rules created to cater to the majority to decide what happens to who you hold dear… not you.

Don’t risk the security of the people you love. Whatever your age – Make a will today.

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