Points To Keep In Mind If You Are Involved In A Truck Accident

Trucks are one of the top reasons for accident deaths in the United States of America. It is estimated that trucks are the reason for more than 4000 accident deaths every year. A truck accident usually involves lot of losses such as loss of property, productivity loss due to injuries etc.

Supposing you have been involved in a truck accident in Miami, you should consult a Miami personal injury law firm immediately. They will assign a personal injury lawyer who can help you with the claims. A few points to keep in mind are given below:

  • When you are involved in a truck accident naturally you will hold the driver responsible but the liability does not end with just the driver, you can hold the truck company also liable. If the truck driver is an independent contractor you will not be able to hold the truck company liable. A lawyer will know what to do in such cases and will sue depending on the circumstances.
  • You will not know how much to claim for damages but a lawyer will be able to assess the damage and then make the claim. There is no fixed amount that you can sue for damages; it depends on a lot of factors such as the amount of injuries sustained, whether it was life threatening, whether it is a permanent injury etc. The lawyer will also assess and include the lost wages because you could not go to work when you were injured the cost of the medical bills etc. Additionally the cost of the damages that your vehicle suffered will also be included. Aside from these the lawyer will ensure that you get paid for the pain and anguish that you suffered due to the recklessness of the truck driver.
  • When you case proceeds usually the trucking companies will try to stall the case as much as possible and if this happens the case can go on for a year or more, but if you can prove negligence in the preliminary stages itself you can get them to the settlement table faster. Once on the settlement table your lawyer will be able to get the best possible settlement for you from the trucking companies. You should remember that trucking companies have deep pockets and getting them to the settlement table is the most difficult part of negotiating with them. They will always try to stall as much as possible.

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