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Right Legal is an online legal referral company that can help you find the right lawyer for you in no time, whether you have a simple transactional service or a complicated legal issue. Simply answer a few discovery questions and our algorithm will determine the right lawyer based on your requirements. You will receive a list of anonymous lawyers and their offers via email. After some analysis, you can handpick the lawyer whom you feel can do your job effectively. You can also choose based on their offers. Get in touch with the best real estate lawyers in Edmonton with the help of Right Legal. Right Legal shows you a stress-free way to identify the right lawyer.

Right Legal Changes the Way People Find the Right Lawyer

With Right Legal,you can find the right lawyer quickly and easily. More importantly, it shows a platform that is convenient, secure, and stress-free. Through the following simple steps, you can achieve what you want:

  • Answer a few questions online
  • The algorithm does its work, based on your needs
  • Review anonymous lawyersoffer
  • Select the right lawyer for you
  • Right Legal exchanges contact information


Things You Should Know About Real Estate Law

Real Estate is an area of law related to land or structures attached to the land. It can be a simple legal transaction like registering a property or property litigation. Right Legal can help you get connected to a lawyer specialized in any of these services:

  • Buying and selling of land/house
  • Renting out a piece of land
  • Permission and procedure for excavating your land
  • Getting the legal rights on papers for the land you have rented out

Real-estate lawyers typically understand the law of tenancy and the Residential Tenancy Act. Our lawyers who especially deal with real estate legal services could have done further specialization in the following sub-areas in real estate:

  1. Mineral and other subsurface rights
  2. Surface boundaries
  3. The Land Titles Act
  4. Real-estate conveyances
  5. Law of mortgages on land or houses


What Do We Charge?

Registration is free. Searching for lawyers is free. If you decide not to move forward with the lawyer the system has recommended or you do not find the lawyer you are looking for, you don’t have to pay anything. Simply put, there will be fees only if you avail the service of a lawyer. Moreover, you are liable to pay only after your lawyer issues the first invoice. Here are the charges:

Up to $150 for basic transactional services (real estate and wills & estates) and up to $300 for complicated files (personal injury, criminal, and family matters)

Right Legal can help you transact with the best real estate lawyer in Edmonton so that you get the legal service done. Simply fill out the short form on the website (https://www.rightlegal.ca/edmonton/real-estate-lawyer/) in the quest to find a lawyer who can provide the perfect solution for you.

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