The Best Response To A Denied Disability Claim

Insurance policies are designed to mitigate the financial peril that results from accidents. You may be the most careful and conscientious person you know, but you cannot always control circumstances. And if you have been involved in an accident that has led to a disability, then you need help meeting the expenses and loss of income that came as a consequence.

If your insurance company has rejected your claim, then you should take action against them. It is a futile and tiring exercise to struggle with an insurance company on your own. Doing so will only cause additional stress and strain. Your best move is to contact a disability law firm Ontario.

Why you should contact a disability law firm

Retaining the services of a lawyer who has extensive experience and expertise in this area of law will help you get results. Your lawyer will be eager to hear your side of the story. They will want to sit down with you and have you recount the events that led up to the accident and everything that happened afterward, including the rejection of your insurance claim. All of this is relevant to your case, as it will form the basis of the legal strategy your lawyer will begin to put together.

It is nearly impossible to meet the expenses associated with a disability without some financial help. In addition to the bills from your hospital treatment, you will also need to pay for rehabilitation programs and therapy. If the injury is severe enough, you may have been forced to leave work or compelled to take a lower-paying position.

What your lawyer can do

Neither the accident nor the injury was your fault, yet you are stuck with facing the financial consequences of both. Your insurance policy should offset some of this expense. The lawyer you work with will be able to take concrete steps to make insurers pay what they owe.

Here are some of the things your lawyer can do to help your case:

Gather evidence

Insurance companies always investigate claims. They will send people out to look into the circumstances and conditions that led to the accident and the subsequent injury of the claimant. Such investigations are not always thorough or trustworthy. Your lawyer will carry out their own investigation with the help of independent professionals. The police reports, medical examinations, witness and expert statements, and other documentation will be used to establish a clear link between your accident and your disability.

Policy analysis and interpretation

Insurance companies are well-practiced in the use of obscure jargon and highly technical language. They often attempt to mislead policy holders with ambiguous phrases and rules that are unethical and illegal. Your lawyer will be able to see through this. They will carry out a thorough analysis and interpretation of your policy. If there are things in it that are illegal, then your lawyer will contest them before a court of law. If the language has been twisted or misinterpreted to favour the insurance company, your lawyer will challenge that as well so that you get a settlement that is fair and adequate.

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