The Whistleblower Law Firm Secures Funds to Fight for Justice in Wake of Time’s Up

The Whistleblower Law Firm has secured funding to represent clients who are fighting for justice due to the Time’s Up Movement. Attorney Natalie Khawam is the founder of the Whistleblower Law Firm located in Tampa, Florida. Sexual harassment in the workplace has become common in society. People in positions of power are abusing their power, and fortunately, we are shifting to a place in society where people are beginning to recognize this behavior as unacceptable.

At this point with the Time’s up and #MeToo movement, it has become clear that sexual harassment can happen to any race, class, ethnicity, and in any workplace environment.  Hopefully, with the funds secured by the Whistleblower Law Firm, the firm can help give legal advice and guidance because of wrongful situations that people have been exposed to.

Gloria Tuck is a civilian employee for the Department of Defense who experienced sexual harassment in the workplace under her direct supervisor. Sexual harassment is not something to be ignored or taken lightly, and for Gloria Tuck, it is, unfortunately, something that was pushed under the rug and not addressed head-on. With the legal funds the Whistleblower law Firm was able to secure, Tuck may finally have the means and team to help her fight for justice.

Tuck was not the only one who worked and experienced these negative encounters. There is a cultural issue surrounding her workplace, and hopefully, the funds secured by the Whistleblower Law Firm can help Tuck and other women like her. The Time’s Up Organization aims to create safety and equity in the workplace. #MeToo is a broader campaign that supports the mission of Time’s Up. #MeToo has been used on social media and brings awareness to how much harassment women face.

The Time’s Up organization formed the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund as a source of legal and financial support for those who want to fight sexual misbehavior through the justice system. The National Women’s Law Center manages the legal fund. It has been hugely successful, in fact, the most successful campaign GoFundMe has ever seen. And now, Gloria Tuck who is a woman of color in a predominantly male work environment will be heard and noticed because of the Time’s Up movement and the legal defense funds that were secured. Tuck will be heard and represented in a way that she might not have otherwise had the chance to.

These movements are a step in the right direction for women. What’s more important is that this newfound awareness is bringing about actual change. When people can take legal actions when they were wronged, they are likely to feel like they were heard, and others watching will take note, and know that treating women with respect in the workplace is the standard and not something that is optional.

As a society, we still have a long way to go, and this movement is just the beginning of a long overdue change. Awareness and securing funds are baby steps towards equality for women in this country. A cultural shift needs to take place about how we treat, think about, and view women. Sexual harassment in the workplace is wrong, hurtful, and diminishes the value of the human being who is exposed to this kind of treatment. For a long time, when women spoke up about these issues and experiences, they were pushed to the side, not addressed, or not even mentioned because of a culture of fear or intimidation. We are moving past that place as a society, and thankfully women have the resources and support to be believed and have a course of action to take.

The Whistleblower Law Firm is located in Tampa, Florida and founded by Attorney Natalie Khawam. Khawam founded the firm after fifteen years of experiences in a variety of sectors. Khawam has extensive expertise in Whistleblower law, and her team of attorneys has a broad range of experience and knowledge. The Law firm seeks to find the truth and seek justice for their clients. Hopefully, the Law firm can help Gloria Tuck seek proper justice for the sexual harassment she endured in the workplace.

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