Two Things to Know Ahead Starting your House Construction

Did you decide to build a new house? Before you kick off this great project, ask yourself the right questions so as not to encounter difficulties and financial drifts. Anticipate any problems that might occur along the way and check if you are in good standing at the administrative level by relying on this guide.

Administrative Procedures

Ahead of building a house, you will need a building permit which you can get with the help of a construction lawyer NYC. Without it, the work might be interrupted or even cancelled. This document contains information about you, the exact geographical location of the land as well as the details of the planned works. Your lawyer can get this request from the relevant authority involved in the territory where the building land is located. After obtaining this authorization, you agree to begin the work within a year. If not, you will need to put forward a reasoned request to extend the deadline

Anticipate Financial Drifts and Other Difficulties

When setting your budget, did you meticulously consider all the parameters? Because this is very important. If the property is built on land in a subdivision, there shouldn’t be any additional charges for the connections. However, if you build on an isolated ground, the connection to the water and the sewers will generate expenses. It is then your house itself that you will have to connect to water, electric power and sewers. The installation of electricity, including any tax are also to be taken into account when establishing your budget for the construction of the house. The cost can vary greatly depending on parameters such as the distance of your home compared to the facilities, the state of the ground, the power of the electricity network.

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