What Happens When You Refuse a Breathalyzer Test?

In any state, drink and driving is treated as a crime. These days it has become so much common and you might hear the same story for your friend and relatives. And, it is possible with the help of the Breathalyzer test. Law has given the right to saying no. If you caught for the suspicion of DWI and you straight away refuse to take Breathalyzer test then there are some real consequences you may face.

What if refuse the Breathalyzer test

There are so many serious consequences, which you need to face for the long term. When an officer stops you and wants to check the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). You are not sure whether to go for it or not. Also, there may be risk involved if found victim then your license will be suspended even can go to jail for some time. After refusal, an officer may ask you to go for a field sobriety test to access the level of intoxication. You may not be arrested at that point of time. Later on, on basis of the officer’s observation, collected evidence, witnesses, and field sobriety test, you might need to present in front of the judiciary and your Breathalyzer test refusal may work against you.

If it is your first time, you might be issued a citation which suspends the driving privilege for up to 1 year. Also, you can file an appeal to protect you. Repetition may send you to the jail along with the fines and restitution. Even, you need to enroll in the rehab centers and under go to the training sessions as ordered by the court.

There are also other negative impacts of refusing the Breathalyzer test. Your personal life as well your professional life can get impacted easily including relationships and housing prospects. To avoid these circumstances, you need to immediately contact the Fort Bend DWI Lawyer who will help you to come out these situations easily. They are experts and know how to handle these cases with less complexity. There experience and knowledge actually works in favor of you and saves you from the serious charges and fines.

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